The Great Equalizer


A Steyr M9A1: The Great Equalizer

The shooter has not been caught and the McKennas are agitating Detroit police to keep searching, worrying it’s “awful low on their priority list.” “I need help because it’s not going to happen with the police,” Joan McKenna said.

She said police told her: “We’ll never catch this guy, literally, that’s what they said.”

Jets Pizza delivery drivers in the Dearborn Michigan area had been going two up to deliver pizza to Detroit, and one of the two would carry. Now the policy is no pizza delivery after dark to Detroit. I question is the profit from pizza delivery worth even going during daylight?

The saying goes, when seconds count the police are only minutes away. Besides, the police aren’t around for protection for the people. They’re crime janitors, just there to clean up after the fact. Oh yes, they’ll give the impression they care a whit about justice, but just as this woman finds out, they’re not interested. Were it one of their own who had been shot they’d throw the whole police force after they guy. But the common person is on their own.

Government officials are the same, promoting laws to emasculate the everyday citizen (read: gun control) while they get the benefit of exemption from such laws through real police protection. If one doesn’t carry a gun, the next best thing is to have bodyguards (police) who do. Their celebrity status makes them untouchable.

Perhaps in this case the young man wouldn’t have been able to use a gun even if he had one on his pizza delivery. Perhaps. Training in the care, safety and use of any tool lessens anxiety and builds confidence. The difference between an honest, decent person with a gun and a common criminal with a gun is discipline. The exception comes into play when the criminal mind has greater ambitions than robbing a pizza delivery guy. In this instance all it took was a robber with intention being able to point and pull a trigger and an element of surprise, and apparently he didn’t do it too well because the pizza guy survived. The common criminal isn’t interested in the discipline it would take to spend money for ammunition to become a good shooter. They rely on the fear factor of making it known they have a weapon, and a weapon by its nature which instantly communicates that fear, besides narrowing the options of defense.

If, on the other hand, the pizza delivery driver had trained himself in the use of firearms, been prepared for the possibility of a man with a weapon, and had a gun with him at the time, things would have turned out much differently. The criminal surprise factor can be thwarted through keen awareness of surroundings and avoidance of vulnerable conditions. A gun is a weapon capable of producing immediate results with little effort, especially at a distance. The handgun is a technological development unmatched in ease of use, effectiveness and threat. Criminals know this. Individuals interested in protecting themselves do well to become aware of the weapon’s design, capabilities and limitations. Even without gun safety and training, in the hands of a person defending themselves, the weapon becomes the Great Equalizer


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