Deuteronomy 2:34

It had to come to this. The thrust for equality plays out in the rest of society, so it shouldn’t be any different in the military.

U.S. military leaders on Thursday formally lifted the ban on women serving in combat positions, with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta saying women have become an “integral part” of the military and have already demonstrated their willingness to fight during the wars of the last decade.

The military’s Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy was just another means of leveling the field for gays in the military. It was a means to the end of defining the military down. It initially protected the gay status in the military so that they could continue to serve. Eventually, repealing DADT just brought the military “out of the closet”. This was the end in view all along, to render homosexuality as any other human distinction, which is, indistinct.

It came as no surprise, then, that women should find themselves in the front lines of battle. If they thought this was a solution to sexual harassment then where should we expect men and women to be shooting at each other in the trenches, even if they’re on the same side?

“We’ve had this ongoing issue with sexual harassment, sexual assault. I believe it’s because we’ve had separate classes of military personnel–at some level,” Dempsey said at a joint press conference with Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta to formally announce the ban has been lifted.

“Now, it’s far more complicated than that,” he continued. “But when you’ve had one part of the population that is designated as warriors and another part that is designated as something else, I think that disparity begins to establish a psychology that, in some cases, led to that environment. I have to believe that the more we can treat people equally, the more likely they are to treat each other equally.”

Imagine women infantry and sniper units. The choices can be made in this voluntary military force, but suppose the draft is reinstated. I pity the women in some future mixed infantry unit, surrounded and captured by the enemy. Male soldiers forced to observe as their women soldiers are raped and brutalized. And if male snipers are held to lower contempt by an enemy than a common soldier, then where would that put a woman sniper? All in the name of equality. Don’t be fooled, this is where it’s going because politicians want it that way.

All men are created equal. Yes, created, but that’s where it ends. Each member of the human race was conceived by a man and woman, although homosexuals can’t seem to tolerate it. After that, though, there are as many differences in man as there are men. Some are intelligent and some are stupid, and one wonders about which is more disproportionate these days. Men are different than women. It’s just a fact. It’s the reason men and women procreate. Again, the homosexual crowd likes their own kind in their relentless pursuit of equality, but it doesn’t result in offspring, and trying to make it equal by buying sperm or using a surrogate womb doesn’t count. It isn’t natural, and there’s no equalizing it. All this and much more makes for a world of inequality with a society of people like drug pushers ever shoving equality before us.

Politicians and the ivory towered bunch leverage media and their sanctimoniousness to preach, sing and otherwise lecture us on the myth of equality. Over and over again we’re told, until we adopt it as part of our thinking. Ultimately, the truth will out, and the day of reckoning will have ugly consequences for women soldiers.


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