Making criminals of all of us

The International Committee of the Red Cross have called for video games to punish crimes committed in battle by adhering to real-life international war conventions.

“The ICRC believes there is a place for international humanitarian law (the law of armed conflict) in video games,” the organization that works worldwide to provide humanitarian help for people caught in war zones said in a statement on their website.

It’s the liberals way of immanentizing the eschaton, their version of a liberal utopia which eliminates the middle class and segregates the elite from the proletariat. Remember that making criminals is easy, and it has nothing to do with morality. Those who believe that Christians should submit to government authority and the laws thereof because even they are instituted of God seem to forget that submission doesn’t necessarily mean obedience. The Christian ethic has been rejected, and Christianity has been eradicated from the laws and judgments of American life. In spite of legal efforts to the contrary, sharia law will gladly take its place. What will Christians do then?

Another in a series of clear indications that humanity has become unhinged from its intellectual moorings. It seems to me that as a people drift further from a belief in God and scripture there’s more that suffers than morality. There’s a loss in intellectual capacity, a kind of dullness and stupidity which settles in. This is a good example of it. It’s nothing but pure stupidity to suggest that video gaming have the same legal conventions of real life. If that should be the case, why stop there? What about movies and television? No, the intent of video gaming is simply fantasy, to escape the nightmare that is the liberal utopia.


About elmoshangnaster

The name's a dodge simply because 1) on the internet I can be whomever I choose, and 2) I'm just paranoid enough to keep scoundrels and government out of my business and don't care to sort 'em out from the decent folk. My blog, my opinions. Don't like 'em? Sure, kindly tell me about your far-fetched, idiotic beliefs...kindly. In the end we'll neither of us change the others mind, but I will take the time to read your arguments if they're thought out in a rational fashion and not full of hyperbole. I'm a Christian human being. It's not a flavor or color preference, it's who and what I am. Don't like it? The above considerations apply. I'm not about to waste anyone's time or mine shoving Christianity down their gullet if they demonstrate even the least resistance. When someone's ready to hear I'm only too glad to share. The Gravatar? It's Jenny Lake in the Tetons near Jackson, WY. If God had a house that's where it would be.

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