This Ship Has Sailed

A group of passengers suing Carnival Corp. for damages after sailing on the ill-fated Carnival Triumph cruise ship that drifted at sea for days are asking the company to pay $5,000 a month for the rest of their lives for ongoing medical and mental problems.

After about five days in the Gulf of Mexico, the ship was finally towed to Mobile, Ala., and Carnival sought to make amends by offering each passenger a $500 check, a voucher for a future cruise, refunds of most on-board expenses and reimbursement for transportation, parking and other expenses. Many of the 33 passengers involved in the trial complain of lingering emotional issues such as PTSD, anxiety and depression; some have physical ailments they blame on squalid conditions, including leg pain, diarrhea, upper respiratory problems and even aggravated hemorrhoids.
First off, PTSD, like its cousins ADD and ADHD, is bogus. It’s just over-educated doctors idea of classifying some condition and giving it a legal, ethical and medical status which it doesn’t deserve. It only exists in the minds of those who have a money angle, in this case suing a cruise line for damages, but in the bulk of other instances the need for medical treatment or prescriptions. It’s just another ploy to make it appear science understands the problem and has it under control, just as meteorologists can control the weather and give us a bright shiny day whenever we want, and politicians solve the dilemma of poverty and injustice.
Secondly, it didn’t take long for attorney vultures to swoop onto the carcass of this “ill-fated” cruise liner and pick its bones. Inasmuch as many would like to believe that lawyers deal in facts, reality or truth, it’s particularly worth noting from this piece that it’s the lawyers who are contending for $5000 a month for their clients. They demand rainbows and unicorns, freshly squeezed from their opponent’s arse. In their extreme explanations they obfuscate. Theirs is a make-believe world filled with their colourful pleonasm. Remember that Lincoln was a self studied lawyer. Who can forget the contortions of logic within the famed Gettysburg Address? Coming from a lawyer it’s not surprising. Nor was this so. $5000 a month? For the rest of their lives??
Lawyers are professional liars, and the world was better off with fewer of them. Time to raze the law schools.

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The name's a dodge simply because 1) on the internet I can be whomever I choose, and 2) I'm just paranoid enough to keep scoundrels and government out of my business and don't care to sort 'em out from the decent folk. My blog, my opinions. Don't like 'em? Sure, kindly tell me about your far-fetched, idiotic beliefs...kindly. In the end we'll neither of us change the others mind, but I will take the time to read your arguments if they're thought out in a rational fashion and not full of hyperbole. I'm a Christian human being. It's not a flavor or color preference, it's who and what I am. Don't like it? The above considerations apply. I'm not about to waste anyone's time or mine shoving Christianity down their gullet if they demonstrate even the least resistance. When someone's ready to hear I'm only too glad to share. The Gravatar? It's Jenny Lake in the Tetons near Jackson, WY. If God had a house that's where it would be.

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