Government is an intrinsic evil

As if more evidence be provided to demonstrate that government is an intrinsic evil comes this piece from the Acton Institute on the attempt by the City of Houston to subpoena sermons and other documentation from local churches…

Texas law makes it clear that the discovery process in a legal proceeding “may not be used as a fishing expedition.” Houston’s city attorneys are certainly aware of this fact, so why are they seeking the sermons and communications of pastors who aren’t even involved in the lawsuit?

The apparent answer, as ADF [Alliance Defending Freedom] notes, is that the Houston city government “has embarked upon a witch-hunt.” They are trying to send a message to area pastors that criticism of city policies from the pulpit can result in their being dragged into court. This is a despicable display of government overreach and an attempt to stifle both religious freedom and political speech. If this violation of citizens rights isn’t checked in Houston, other cities will get the message that irrelevant legal actions can be used to harass church leaders who dare to challenge our “public servants.”

Who indeed will watch the watchers? Who indeed will guard the guards if they aren’t submitted to the power nor authority of God Himself? They will do as they please and will ultimately be drawn into darkness. They will attempt to eviscerate the forces of light and life, as these are attempting to do. This is the nature of government just as it is the nature of mankind. It is abundantly clear that this is the nature of government as it cannot long maintain the appearance of justified civil order without theonomy.

In addition, this particular issue involves the mayor of Houston, Annise Parker, who happens to be a sexual deviant and in a homogamous relationship. Still think voting is all it’s cracked up to be?

UPDATE: Dr. McDurmon shares his understanding of the case…

The Mayor is an open lesbian and LGBT activist. The City Council recently passed an ordinance that would allow transgenders to cross bathrooms in public. Predictable and rightful outrage ensued from Christians and conservatives. A local group of 400 pastors opposed the measure. Some of them apparently have connections with a petition drive, organization, coordination, and possibly even funding of the petition drive to overturn the ordinance. Then, when the mayor apparently overstepped her authority in rejecting signatures on the petition (that were already certified), a group of Christians and conservatives allegedly connected with this group of pastors filed a lawsuit. Do you think the defendants might be interested in the communications between those groups?

And what happens when you file a lawsuit? You open up yourself and your relevant friends to discovery. Are the correspondences between these pastors and the Christian parties who filed the suit relevant to the case? It is possible that a judge could determine this is the case. That is what this subpoena is about.

Which serves to further illustrate my point on the evil of government, although I believe his possibilities are more as likelihoods. Government agencies work on behalf of their own interests, and if it does dovetail with righteous judgment it’s simply by accident. Remember, that this issue began with Ms. Parker and her administration attempting to circumvent the public good and enact city ordinance to allow transgender access to the restroom of their gender choice. Simply, this is one deviant attempting to sanction the deviancy of others. Remember also, as example, that the SCOTUS struck down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) allowing thirty (30) states to legalize the deviancy of homogamy. True, fear mongering IS unnecessary and even detrimental to the Christian cause. Remember that it’s government which attempts to usurp the power and authority of God. While it may be comforting to think that the attack on the church isn’t a straightforward one, it’s insidious nature belies the nature of its evil.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: The deviant backs down…sort of…

After calling church sermons “fair game” for subpoena, Houston Mayor Annise Parker backed down Wednesday from the city’s effort to force local pastors to turn over speeches and papers related to a hotly contested transgender rights ordinance… The pastors and their allies called the city’s broad demand a threat to religious freedom and proof that gay and transgender rights bills can be used as weapons to demonize Christianity.

The government has no business asking pastors to turn over their sermons,” said Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas Republican.

No, the government doesn’t. The rights of a free people are infringed as it happens. Such rhetoric goes far in the public milieu, but it won’t amount to anything in the courts. After all the fight is a legal one, and the powers of government have managed to arrange the rules of the game in their favor. Government is an intrinsic evil, and this is the way their game is played.


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