Sometimes the night was beautiful

Una Maria Heffron Bolen, 56, of New Orleans, LA, passed away on September 9, 2014 after losing her battle with cancer. Una was born in New Iberia, LA, on October 11, 1957 and is a graduate of Abramson High School in New Orleans. Una, guided by her deep Christian faith, dedicated her life and efforts to helping others in need. Una was preceded in death by her parents, Walter Hillary Heffron, Jr. and Una LaSalle Heffron. Una is survived by her children, Johanna (Bolen) Mango, Christopher Michael Bolen and John Michael Bolen; grandchildren, Hannah, Brock, Jackson and Mae-Marie; siblings, Annette, Walter, Francis and Beth Heffron; and other family and friends.

She died several weeks ago. She, I suspect, didn’t fight it as others have. For them, fighting for this life is all there is. For her there is the hope fulfilled beyond. Her’s is a life of reward. And a great one it is. Although her’s wasn’t a noteworthy life in the sense of achievement or recognition here, she nevertheless left her mark and passes on her unique, undeniable fix into a world broken in falsity.

She lived as she died, loving, caring, living, sharing. Indeed, rest in the peace of the Eternal One.


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The name's a dodge simply because 1) on the internet I can be whomever I choose, and 2) I'm just paranoid enough to keep scoundrels and government out of my business and don't care to sort 'em out from the decent folk. My blog, my opinions. Don't like 'em? Sure, kindly tell me about your far-fetched, idiotic beliefs...kindly. In the end we'll neither of us change the others mind, but I will take the time to read your arguments if they're thought out in a rational fashion and not full of hyperbole. I'm a Christian human being. It's not a flavor or color preference, it's who and what I am. Don't like it? The above considerations apply. I'm not about to waste anyone's time or mine shoving Christianity down their gullet if they demonstrate even the least resistance. When someone's ready to hear I'm only too glad to share. The Gravatar? It's Jenny Lake in the Tetons near Jackson, WY. If God had a house that's where it would be.

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  1. I’m glad to see mom’s obituary was re-posted. She is a great person.

    • elmoshangnaster

      Chris, she was an instrument of God’s joy in my and my wife’s life. She helped a cynical young man see that God was real. In part, because of her I turned to Christ. She is among the cloud of witnesses now, deserving of that “well done good and faithful servant”. The noisome din that is recognition and celebrity in this life cannot be compared to the approbation she enjoys before her Father in heaven.

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