Getting an education means one is educated

It doesn’t say anything about intelligence, as those on college campuses have shown.

Anecdotal evidence by leaders of prolife groups such as Created Equal and Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust said in interviews that not only do they see more college students willing to say they support post-birth abortion, but some students even suggest children up to 4 or 5-years-old can also be killed, because they are not yet “self aware.”

We encounter people who think it is morally acceptable to kill babies after birth on a regular basis at almost every campus we visit,” said Mark Harrington, director of Created Equal. “While this viewpoint is still seen as shocking by most people, it is becoming increasingly popular.”

No doubt these educated who cling to infanticide would be the same ones who cling to the common notion that all it takes to stop many of the vices and evils of our day is to educate the masses. Yes, surely, if we just educated people to the dangers of not having a proper education we as a society would all be better off.

Even less impressive are the super-educated elite such as Peter Singer, also quoted in the aforementioned article, who also have some enlightened views on personhood.

There he goes again. Peter Singer–who has argued that cognitively devastated people should have been used instead of chimps in the creation of the hepatitis vaccine–urges a court to impose chimp personhood on society.

Why? Well, because he wants to destroy human exceptionalism

And what could accomplish that task better than “breaking the species barrier” (his term from The Great Ape Project) by making some animals legally and morally equivalent to people–thereby reducing us (and our self-perception) to just another animal in the forest.

The underpinning of sound reasoning is a morality based in truth. There is an education which can provide that, but it requires a student’s submission to the Teacher. From this one can see that they clearly haven’t acquired such an education. Moreover, the infanticidal notions of collegians and the senselessness Peter Singer ought to signal Christian believers how serious is the cost of entertaining foolish non-believers. Moving away from biblically based principles and Christian values carries a greater price than a simple loss of morality. It leads into pure stupidity and even insanity. Colleges and universities who entertain such vapid dementia will surely educate. The education of the absurd only means more absurdity. The Peter Singers of the world can’t intimidate those who aren’t impressed.


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The name's a dodge simply because 1) on the internet I can be whomever I choose, and 2) I'm just paranoid enough to keep scoundrels and government out of my business and don't care to sort 'em out from the decent folk. My blog, my opinions. Don't like 'em? Sure, kindly tell me about your far-fetched, idiotic beliefs...kindly. In the end we'll neither of us change the others mind, but I will take the time to read your arguments if they're thought out in a rational fashion and not full of hyperbole. I'm a Christian human being. It's not a flavor or color preference, it's who and what I am. Don't like it? The above considerations apply. I'm not about to waste anyone's time or mine shoving Christianity down their gullet if they demonstrate even the least resistance. When someone's ready to hear I'm only too glad to share. The Gravatar? It's Jenny Lake in the Tetons near Jackson, WY. If God had a house that's where it would be.

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