To last perhaps another 50 years

Some think this one nation. Some even imagine it to be under God. Some continue to believe that these United States still are…united. This is no perpetual union, nor will the semblance of it to continue very much longer.

By 2045, Hispanics, Asians and African Americans are expected to grow from more than a third of the population to a little more than half of the people living in the United States.

“The degree of cultural diversity that this introduces to this country is rather like the cultural diversity we had in the 19th century, and for that matter in the 18th century at the time of founding,” observed American Enterprise Institute political scientist Charles Murray. In many ways, according to Murray, diversity has been a positive force throughout America history.

“We used to have radically different ways of life among different groups in this country. And the 20th century was something of an anomaly in this regard as we saw an increasingly homogeneous culture with the rise of mass media,” Murray said. “In many ways, I think the America of the 21st century with its increased cultural diversity is going to look familiar to historians of America. And in that respect, it’s as American as apple pie.”

A few decades ago, many analysts warned that these demographic trends would lead to a balkanization of America. However, most experts now agree that U.S. culture and assimilation will reinforce America’s national character, particularly as the rate of interracial marriage grows.

Those who fondly harken back to a “cultural diversity” of the 19th century seem to forget that but for a little war of that century the United States wouldn’t look like anything it does today. Strange that the title of this article would be “Experts: Coming Demographic Shift Will Strengthen US Culture”. Just as they are more wrong than right in almost every other field, the “experts” are wrong in their cultural and character assessment here. There is no assimilation in the US, except under the watchful and overbearing eye of the federal government, and even it in its military power can’t complete what culture, character and morality are splitting apart.

The politics of our time point to balkanization. Glancing at the breakdown of political vote from the last presidential election alone shows there is overwhelming separation in direction between rural and urban, between Hispanic and white, and between black and white voters. Polling shows Hispanic voters are voting for largesse from the government in droves.

Cultural and moral disparity among the people points toward a future break, ironically similar to that of the 18th century. No, the United States doesn’t have long to go. Federalism, as Jefferson Davis might have it, died of a theory. The republic suffered a similar fate long ago, being laughingly redefined in absentia. We are not “one nation, under God”, but at least it’s not as if we ever should have been. Whatever there is left of a “national character” isn’t being propped up by “the rate of interracial marriages”. The people are finding their loyalties in their localization, not nationalization. This settling is becoming more and more apparent in the politics and culture.

I give the current United States about 50 years left, maybe give or take 10 years, and it will no longer be the geopolitical entity it has been. One nation? The costs of empire are weighting upon it and it won’t be too long before states and regions will assert their sovereignty. Balkanization? Soon enough.


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