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To protect and to serve?

On December 20, Breitbart News reported that Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association President Pat Lynch told NYPD officers to protect themselves because de Blasio would not. Lynch told officers, “If we won’t get supported when we do our jobs, if we’re going to get hurt for doing what’s right then we’re going to do it the way they want it. We will use extreme discretion in every encounter.” Elaborating, he said, “Our friends, we’re courteous to them. Our enemies, extreme discretion. The rules are made by them to hurt you. We’ll now use those rules to protect us.”

Seems like we were mistaken about the police motto, “To Protect and To Serve.” They meant themselves, not us. It’s a pity this wasn’t the attitude police had prior to Eric Garner getting choked to death over something as petty as NY tobacco taxes. If they would have exercised “extreme discretion” in his case he would be alive today. Who to trust? Who to trust? Curious how loyalty and betrayal can make such a difference. One has to wonder, who are their friends and who are their enemies?